“You must have chaos within you, to create a dancing star.”

– Frederic Nietzsche
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TFL to present STEAM³ at SXCreate at SXSW 2016

TFL will have a 20×20 exhibit at the Palmer Center in Austin, TX at SXCreate 11-13 March 2016, to present our STEAM³ concept. We will demonstrate and display multiple aspects and dimensions of this highly successful project. We will be supported by our partner, Interactive Entertainment Systems and Joey Lopez’s team from Convergent Media.

TFL consulting with Jack Morton in Chicago on experiential design for future of construction industry

In continuing their collaboration and consulting for the Association of Equipment Manufactures for whom amongst other aspects we created an in-depth foresight project on the future of the construction industry, TFL is currently consulting with the Jack Morton agency in Chicago to develop the design and implementation of a large-scale interactive and immersive installation about the future of the construction industry.

Happy 2016 – Entering our 20th Year

Happy New Year to all our clients, friends, collaborators, and staff. This is a particularly exciting year for The Futures Lab. It is our 20th year in business. It has been a fantastic experience and success and we are pleased to announce that we will have a celebratory event later in the year, that will involve not just our operation in the USA, but our partners and offices around the world. We will also create a new logo for the company. The current logo has served us well. It was designed by our ex-colleague Wayne Pethrick in 2003 along with the rest of our visual design.

TFL’s Future Entertainment and Events Lab produces the Association of Professional Futurists’ Annual gathering in Atlanta

TFL’s Future Entertainment and Events Lab produced the Association of Professional Futurists’ annual three-day – gathering at the Artmore Hotel APF_Logo_All_Color_CMYK-01 revisedin Atlanta in October 2015. The program was curated by our President, Derek Woodgate and Joe Tankersley, Principal of Unique Visions.
Titled “The Learning Remix” – the program included:

Dr. Ronald G. Kander, Executive Dean,
Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce
Philadelphia University

Melissa Wade, A faculty member of Emory University in the Division of Educational Studies, Melissa is a principle founder of the national Urban Debate League.

Dr. Stephen Harmon, Professor and Chair of the Learning Technologies Division, College of Education, Georgia State University

Martin Muider, Professor and Chair of the Education and Competence Studies Group Wegeningen University School of Social Sciences

This was followed by a visit to Georgia Tech to witness demonstrations of new learning approaches involving AI and gamification with Brian Magerko, Associate Professor of Digital Media, Director of the Adaptive Digital Media (ADAM) Lab.

Julian Allen, Director of Instructional Support, GSU spoke on How adaptive are we? – The call for a new learning ecosystem at Curve – Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment, GSU.

A Panel followed on Aperture Learning – Life is learning, Learning is life – from dynamic mentoring to micro modular learning pathways and future learning environments – Moderator: Derek Woodgate, Panelists: Rex Miller, Jason Swanson, Bridgette Engeler Newbury, Wendy

Jake Dunagan, Research Director at Institute for the Future, leading the Governance Futures Lab’s collaboration game.
A Debate followed: Traditionalists vs. Futurists (Teaching vs. Learning)
APF Board Chair, Dr Cindy Frewen provided an APF Update.
The final session involved Derek Woodgate leading a team assignment to build a future foresight curriculum with approach.

TFL’s STEAM³ – The Future of Education Conference and Interactive Playground was a massive success

Derek at STEAM3

TFL's President opens STEAM³

TFL’s President opens STEAM³

The STEAM³ Conference and Interactive Playground jointly produced by TFL’s Learning Innovations in Future Education (LIFE) and Georgia State University was highly successful with a wonderful turnout, 18 amazing speakers and 23 interactive and immersive installations reflecting experimental and innovative approaches to STEAM. Full report at www.steam3.com. One of the most exciting aspects of the event beyond the globally renowned expert speakers and Playground participants was the large number of schools and learning institutions that brought there students to experience the potential future of education. The event was designed, curated and produced by TFL’s Future Entertainment and Events Lab.

NanoArt, Ethnomathmatics, Computational Play, Immersive History and Experimental Geography will all be on show at STEAM³, GSU Atlanta

We are proud to advice that our STEAM³ Atlanta is fully in production. This event, which will take place at Centennial Hall, GSU, Atlanta, on the 11th and 12th September will include a conference involving 16 of the world’s leading visionaries on the future of learning, as well a s an Interactive Playground with over 20 installations and demonstrations demonstrating the future of STEAM based education.  Installations and exhibits include a rich variety of future focused developments including NanoArt, Ethnomathmatics, Computational Play, Immersive History and Experimental Geography. A full list of speakers and installations is available at www.steam3.com.

static1.squarespaceThe event is being produced jointly between our non-profit arm, Learning Innovations in Future Education (LIFE) and GSU, with production services being provided by our Future Entertainment and Events Lab (FEEL). www.livingthefutureevents.com


The Futures Lab wins foresight project on the future of construction

TFL was recently awarded a major project on the future of the construction equipment and technologies industry. In part, the outcomes of the project will be used to develop attendee “living the future” experiences at future international exhibitions. The project will ultimately lead to collaboration between TFL and its sister company The Future Entertainment and Events Lab (FEEL) – www.livingthefutureevents.com.

How Economic Transformation will Reset the American Dream!

Here is a podcast of an interview Derek Woodgate gave on Inkandescent Radio.


FEEL wins exciting project

Our Future Entertainment and Events Lab  – FEEL – (www.thesenseevent.com) has won an exciting project to create, curate and produce the Annual Gathering for the Association of Professional Futurists. More news to follow!

Happy 2015

As The Futures Lab enters its 19th year of operation, I am pleased to report that 2014 was both a very successful and transformative year.

On the foresight consulting front we undertook some exciting projects both directly and through our sister company in London (Your Future (London) and our satellite offices. These included foresight work for Kelloggs, AKZO-Nobel, Phillips, the BBC, Intercontinental Hotels and Whitbread amongst others.

Then there was the expansion and consolidation of our Future Entertainment and Events Lab (FEEL)(previously Plutopia Productions) www.thesenseevent.com, where we created, curated and produced STEAM³ – The Future of Education,a conference and interactive playground, which was held in March at the University of Texas’s Commons Learning Center. www.steam3.com. We will be holding a similar event together with Georgia State University in September 2015.

We also added a non-profit arm LIFE (Learning Innovations in Future of Education) www.http://livinglearning.co/, which besides being very involved with the STEAM³ event, undertook to create a fully self-contained mobile learning course on The Future of Mobile Learning for the University of Adger in Norway, with our President, Derek Woodgate as the class instructor and Maggie Duval, the Chair of LIFE providing all the back end design and set up. Derek Woodgate has since been made an Adjunct Professor at the University of Adger and will be teaching a Future of Media course in Spring 2015. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Georgia State University, where he teaches The Future of Entertainment and Learning through The Futures Lab’s foresight process. Also in 2014, Maggie Duval, taught at the Skybridge Academy in Austin.

TFL’s focus over the past decade has been firmly placed on the future of entertainment and media, education, culture and new communities. Consequently, Derek Woodgate has continued to be in wide demand to speak on these subjects and 2014 was no exception with a keynote role at the MMC and numerous engagements at conferences and universities.

2015 has already set off at a whirl and we are anticipating another exciting, successful year and wish you all the same.


Derek Woodgate




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